Why Back-Link?

Back-link exchange benefits everyone.

A back-link in its’ simplest terms is: established every time any website has a visible hyperlink to another website. Each search engine rate back-links differently and their rating systems are guarded secrets. It is industry accepted that your site needs to be GOOGLE recognized or you miss out on 80% of your potential customers. Google rewards back-links within the same industry and back-links on sites using the same key words with their highest possible ranking, or so the SEO search engine optimization industry would have us believe. 구글광고대행

For example: for the very highest back-link rating a cooking school would want to back-link exchange with other cooking schools, using similar key words involving cooking school. if this was a Thai cooking school in BKK, the highest ranking back-links would be with cooking schools in Bangkok. If they were a culinary arts school including fruit carving, vegetable carving, bakery classes, they would want to back-link with culinary arts schools offering the same services and using the same keywords.

Back-links are also established when a blog is accepted, or a comment on a blog is accepted, so long as you enter your full website URL in the URL box usually below the user name box and above the comment box. It is considered rude and or spamming to place the URL inside the comment box and will greatly reduce the acceptability of your blog comment. Most successful blog comment acceptability will result from paraphrasing part of the article and adding something worthwhile. But you will see a lot of that’s reads like: “nice, hey keep up the good work”, “I like that” ” I must try that” all which when accepted earn you the same back-link as a well thought out response will so over complicating your answer may make it less acceptable. Blog comments accepted on the days hot topics are usually rated higher than other blogs and it stands to reason that blogs in your industry would rate higher than non related blogs.

You also receive back links by writing articles and having them accepted by on-line publishers as the website URLs are in the authors biography and form part of the published and reprinted articles. If you are writing for back-links then you should attempt to publish with high ranking publishers such as EzineArticles. You will find the higher ranking publishers will be very restrictive as to owners pumping their business interests except through the authors’ biography.

Of all these back-links the most difficult to obtain, is the same territory competitors back links as most competitors don’t like to advertise their competitors because it feels self defeating when promoting a competitor. But in the eyes of Google, and most of the other recognized demi-gods, you have done something that gets high rating and helps maintain or boost your Google page location and your Google page ranking.

There is another immeasurable back-link value and that is to back-link to community accounts like Facebook account(s) and Twitter. For Facebook to be effective it is thought you need to establish a URL link with each on each of your friends’ pages. It may well take your friends copying and pasting your web site URL to their home page links. Easier said than done! If you offer something free and enjoyed by all you can include your URL in your welcome acceptance wall posting or message to your new friend. For example a cooking school could offer their recipes as free download as a new friend gift and if your wall posting is not removed it is thought that you have established a back-link.

The general accepted practice for back linking is to add a competitors URL to your site then approach them to do the same for you. Cooking Schools Intl. has done exactly that and now has what is believed to be the most complete on-line Thailand Cooking School Directory and has by doing so given all these schools a one way back-link and is actively pursuing exchanging back-links with every company in the directory.

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