5 Tips For Dating Girls

Let’s face it, dating can be very stressful. But if you are ever going to find that one special girl who will end your dating life forever, then you have no choice. It is really surprising how many men, (grown men), are still clueless when it comes to dating. Successful dating can be broken down into five things about dating girls. They are:

Girls are not guys. Making noises by putting your hand under your armpit is not funny to them. Even if they are drunk, they do not like this. You may want to save that special talent for when it is just you and the guys.

Girls are not guys. They do not think it is cool to brag about how many people you have slept with. Nor do they want to go to a place where every woman there is going to be trying to get your attention. Just to be on the safe side, do not take your date to your usual haunts.

Girls are not guys. They do not want to answer the door to see you standing there in dirty jeans with the nightly pizza special in your hands. Maybe after you have been together for a while, she will have no objection to this, but for now, take a shower, dress appropriately, and have flowers in your hand when she answers the door. กลุมลับ

Girls are not guys. Do not use coupons to pay for dinner. There is nothing wrong with a bargain, especially in these tough economic times, but save the coupons for when you go out with your mom (who will love your thriftiness) or your best buddy. You never want to make your date think she is not worth full price.

Girls are not guys. They do not find burping and farting contests entertaining. In fact, they find it to be quite disgusting. They do not care if you can burp the entire alphabet. This, once again, is something you should save for football night with the guys.

Remembering these five most important things about dating girls will make the date pleasurable for both you and your date. Remembering these things will also help you get more than one date with the same lady. There are lots of people who will offer you lots of advice about dating, and even some who will simply say, “Be yourself.”

That is not bad advice, but, if being yourself includes any of the rude behavior in the above list, then do not be yourself. Be better. Remember these five tips for dating girls and have a better dating life.


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